English Eccentrics

What the clients say:
“We recently visited Hong Kong & China for the first time as a small company aiming to move all of our manufacturing and sourcing to the Far East. The potential for this ending in disaster is high and we would therefore recommend the aide of someone with a sound knowledge of the city, the people & the suppliers.

For anyone visiting Hong Kong for the first time, the experience could be very daunting as the sourcing districts etc are vast.

Thankfully, we had pre-arranged two days of Katie Young’s time and her experience of Hong Kong, the sourcing districts and how the suppliers & manufacturers work was invaluable.

We managed to achieve our goals in a considerably shorter space of time and indeed found a wealth of stockists and suppliers whom, had Katie not been with us, we would never have met.

We are now up and running and thanks to Katie, the move for us to off-shore production has been relatively smooth. We have established good working relationships with several companies in Hong Kong & China and hope to grow our business with them considerably over the coming months.

I am happy to recommend Katie to anyone looking towards the Far East to start their business or indeed to grow an already established business.”

John Fairlie
English Eccentrics (General manager)